a paintclub for everyone


  • Painting

    You're going to paint a masterpiece. Even if you failed Art GCSE. You'll be so impressed with yourself you may even send a selfie of you and your fabulous painting to all of your mates.

  • Wine

    Drinking (responsibly) is entirely optional but definitely encouraged. A little wine certainly helps the creative juices flow. A little absinthe and you'll be painting like Dali. You can drink beer if you're a bloke of course.

  • Happy Days!

    You'll leave with a smile on your slightly red face; having made a few new friends perhaps; and with your very own creation ready to hang up on your bedroom wall (alternatively you've got your Mum's next Birthday present sorted!)

what would you like to paint?

what would you like to paint?

Artistique offers a painting experience with a difference. You’ll reproduce a piece of art with your own individual twist, in the company of friends and perhaps a glass or two of wine. Its creative, sociable and really good fun ... you’ll be astounded by what you can create, and you'll leave with your very own masterpiece!

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

- Albert Einstein


Painting with Wine? I'm intrigued. But I really did fail Art GCSE! Can I come?

Absolutely! Our experienced Art Teacher will guide you through a number of simple steps to recreate our chosen painting. All you have to do is relax, unwind, drink some wine, and follow her instruction (and if you don't, we promise she wont scold you!) And you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you're able to create, especially if you think you're artistically challenged!

Got it. So what's included in the ticket price?

Everything you need will be provided: Easel, Canvas, Paintbrushes, Paints, Palette, Apron, Art Teacher, and even an Assistant to look after your every whim. Food and drinks will be available to buy from the private bar.

Can I bring my boyfriend / husband / blind date?

Most definitely! Men actually love the company of slightly inebriated women. They also quite like painting.

OK I'm sold. How do I sign up?

Click on "Book Event" in the menu above, and select a painting you like the look of, on a date that works for you.

Done! Where do I head?

The good people at the Northcote have allowed us the use of their fantastic private space upstairs to host our upcoming Artistique events. The Northcote is a 3 minute walk from Clapham Junction station (2 Northcote Road, London, SW11 1NT, Tel: 020 7223 5378)

Loved it!! How do I tell my friends about this?

Fantastic! Please "like" us on Facebook, and we would be eternally grateful if you posted some pictures of the event!

Buy Three sunflowers in a vase by Vincent Van Gogh - Thursday, September 14 @ The Northcote